Sleepy time

Dreaming about my blog. Is that supposed to be normal or something? O.o


So... a little help, anyone?

I'm gonna be entering high school in less than six months, and I'm really wanting a laptop. Now, I realize it takes a lot of power to run the Sims, but I'm just looking for, at the least, the Sims 2 base game. So, what's the cheapest computer you know of that can play without (many) complications? I'm not looking to buy something that can play every game in the world at once with ease, but I don't want some piece of crap, either (I have over 300 bucks right now, and I intend on putting them to good use.)


Yet ANOTHER Helpful Hint

All that Nutella looks like a good idea on the sandwich, but not so much once it oozes out on your hand.


Another Helpful Hint

If you're pouring a drink, always check to make sure the glass is right-side-up.

My input on the Ruthless_KK incident...

First off, the EA admins have got to be drunk. The equation h(p)+n=admin (in which h stands for maker of houses, p stands for prettiness. and n stands for general niceness) doesn't seem to hold up here.

And as for her using Mare's to patrol the forums... well, for starters, while a devoted simmer, she's also a mother and has a life to live. And she's rarely out of the Creative Corner, which, obviously, doesn't see quite as many troublemakers as our dear General Section.

While using a "gossip blog" (my apologies for using that term, Mare) isn't really the best idea if you plan on keeping a reputation high and mighty, she can't devote all her time to checking the forums. I'm not pleased with the situation, but I'm not planning on cussing her out any time soon, either.




are awesome.

That is all, dweeb.


It'd be nice to remember this later in life...

If you have a sudden urge to vomit, and you think you see a spider, don't turn your head to avoid it. One, vomit will be all over the place, and two, the spider will be a piece of fuzz.


Flu Season Affects Us All.

So it's flu season, and it's really affecting our family.

I got it.
Then my mom got it.
Then my sister got it.
Then my dad got some of it.
Then my cat got it.
Then my other cat got it.

Cat sneezes are funny things, though... they just go like "choo!" And you're like "aww did my poor wittle baby just make a wittle sneezie?" and they're all "Dude, fudge off."