what even happened to that last post

why did blogger change the layout i had it in lovely paragraphs and everything

it was beautiful

now let me throw my favorite gif in your direction

you're welcome


Hi there.

My simself says hi. Or ugh.

 So. Things that have happened:

I've gotten a new computer and a new copy of TS3, so no more issues, meaning I can play the game again! So yay.

Now, I can't promise terribly frequent updates, but I don't think my parents even remember this blog, so I won't have them constantly questioning each of my posts because maybe I might have posted something horribly offensive and terrible and morally wrong wow


One more post because I don't feel like editing

"I'm freaking out because I may not pass my math class"

Crisis averted.
I got a 90 on the finals.


That plan worked well

I love how when I try to revive a blog, I get grounded.

And it's not like I snuck out of the house and got drunk or tried to run away with my boyfriend who's been arrested multiple times, nothing like that- I got grounded because I ate candy which belonged to my mom.


And since I don't even feel sorry about it (I ate candy, she did not, therefore I gained something) she's insisting that I can't eat anything else sugary until I give her a genuine apology.

You guys, this is serious.
I'm never eating candy again.


I can't think of anything to write here

but I made an effort to post. That's good, right? I made an actual effort.

(this is the part where I violently sling millions of videos at you in an attempt to advertise.)

Oh! Right. Right right right. I make fanvids. And I would very much like it if you could watch some of mine. Very very very much. That's a lot of very's. I hope I have sufficiently expressed my desire for you to view my videos and then give some feedback.

Also: apparently, I dabble in fandubbing.

Your regularly scheduled, advertisement-free blog may now continue.


Well, hello

It's been how long, six months since my last update? Yeah, "I'll try to update more" my left pinky toe. Anyway, wanna hear more about what's happened in my life? Sure you do. Let's begin with July.

Uh, my dad deployed to Saudi Arabia for a year.

And that's basically July in a nutshell, other than what I posted two posts down. In August, my mom decided to do something stupid and get us a puppy- a Border Collie puppy, to be exact. Puppies are hard enough work as it is, ditto for Border Collies. Combine the two and you have an unstoppable energy machine that will chew most violently on everything within eyesight. It's an adorable unstoppable energy machine, though, and a fluffy one at that, so we love her anyway.

Also, I am now officially a high schooler. Holy crap. I made my first post on my first forum (TS3- that's the Sims 3, not Toy Story 3, I've had to distinguish the two before and it was painful) the summer after my 6th grade year. I was 11. I was freakin' 11. Holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap.

I think I passed my first semester, provided that I passed my Algeblah final. You'd think that because I made the highest score on my Biology final out of ALL THREE OF MY TEACHER'S CLASSES (brb squealing forever) I'd ace this one, but I barely managed to squeeze out an 80 average, and the final is 20% of my grade. If I don't pass the class with a B, my mother will viciously assault me. Perhaps with a crowbar. Or a megaphone. Or both.


ALSO. I've fallen into a new fandom- does anyone read Lackadaisy? It's a web comic about anthropomorphic cats in the 1920's trying to keep a speakeasy running after the death of the founder and his widow takes over but can't quite make ends meet anymore with competition from their former affiliates and- gaaaah. Just read it. Read it and fall in love. Also, it's got amazing art. Just throwing that out there. =D

tl;dr Love you guys, gonna try to post more, key word being "try."




I'm so going to pass Geometricometry.


Back... again...?

So I'm sorry for not updating in a while. Maybe it was the fact that my three years of torture- excuse me, middle school finally ended and I was half celebrating, half freaking out about high school. Maybe it's the fact that my blind cat passed away. Maybe it's the fact I was on a five-week vacation with my cousins, came back for a week, and am currently on a two-week vacation. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm jsut a lazy teenager.

But you know whatever.

Let's see if I can explain everything in further detail...

Eighth grade ended almost two months ago, and it was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life. There are twelve high schools in my city, so many friend clusters were being split up. None of my friends are heading to the school I'm going to. I had to watch the most (arguably) popular couple in the school have to say goodbye for the last time, and that was almost enough to make my start bawling like a baby.

And then, I went to a horse camp for kids with... um... "disabilities..." I was worried I'd be lumped in with a bunch of severely affected kids who needed help just functioning, but turns out most of the kids had very mild problems, like ADHD.

Came home from horse camp one day, and found that my mom had decided to put our fifteen-year-old cat down. He'd been declining for a few days, and when she couldn't use his legs at all, she decided enough was enough and took him to the vet. He'd been fighting with hypertension and blindness for a while and at least he didn't have to suffer anymore...

Then we were headed off to Florida with my cousins in tow for a two week long trip to Walt Disney World and Tampa. I've been to Disney World more than enough times (21 times, I kid you not) but seeing them see the parks for the first time together was very fun. One of them was only five years old and was infatuated with princesses and the whatnot, so seeing her face light up when she saw Sleeping Beauty for the first time was priceless.

We were going to head back to our home, but my grandma said one of us could come to her house for two weeks. My thought process went something like two weeks - mother = sign me up. There was a flood in St. Louis, however, and my grandpa, who works on a farm, had to work even more to make sure none of the machinery and plants had been ruined in the water. So the trip was extended to three weeks. Not like I had a problem with that or anything...

And now we're in Dahlonega or however you spell the name of the town in Northern Georgia, heading up to North Carolina for two weeks to see some of my dad's old friends, then my uncle, and finally my old friend who moved away nearly two years ago. Happeh times.

Also, one of my mom's high school friends just won a 22K lottery. Hurrah and all that.


Idiots idiots everywhere

Not from the same member, this time the idioticy is from a too-dumb-to-live, apparent 20-year-old named "Jiggles." This is the most recent of just one more of her epic fails:

Jiggles: https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=a9a04c4ae0&view=att&th=12fd71d986cf3620&attid=0.1&disp=inline&zw


Don't bother clicking the links, they're useless...

Me: You realize that those are from your mail account and we can't view it, right?
Mod1: What were you trying to do?
Jiggles: I sent them to my sister's cell phone from my camera phone.
Me: One, that doesn't answer anything, and two, regardless of what you did, we can't see them. You log out of your mail account, then see if you can view them.
Jiggles: I just logged off of igoogle.com and they still show. And please try to stay on topic.

Remember how I'm a moderator on this forum? So she comes along and begins mini-modding me, and I'm not a fan of whatever inferiors I have thinking they're better than me.

Me: Real quick, who is the moderator here? Not you. Please don't mini-mod. And how do you expect us to stay on topic if we don't know what the topic is supposed to be? Your latest entry has us completely confused.
Mod2: I busted out laughing so hard, guys. No really I'm not sure where to even start here. Jiggles, those links don't work for anyone. Anyone. Except you. And then you provided us with absolutely no explanation. Get this through your head. And don't try to reprimand a moderator who is doing her job and doing it well.
Mod1: If you could kindly tell us what is in those links you posted, we will let it go. You're being really vague, and that's something I don't like.
Admin: ...What? xD
That's not how linking pictures works, if that's what you were trying to link. Also, don't mini-mod a moderator. What is this thread for again? *checks* Ah, for what kind of penguin the PoM penguins are. Well, since it's already been answered (they aren't a real breed) this thread really has no point in staying open. Feel free to lock this up when you guys figure out what the heck is going on.
Mod2: I don't want this locked until we get answers...
Mod1: And no one's gonna lock it until Jiggles replies.
Me: Five bucks says she'll never come back to this thread.

Needless to say, she didn't.


Well. Um. Okay.

Thanks to the lovely Mares, I was alerted of the following:
Someone didn't do their research...

But seriously guys, am I really that popular? I've only gotten about 3.5K posts, way less than some of my friends (or otherwise known members, hello Couriervaughn) online, and my blog only has a few followers. I haven't posted on the forum for nearly five months now, and yet I've got a troll willing to pretend to be me.

Wow, I feel special. In an odd, terrified, strangely intriguing way.

I should go tell the buck-toothed donkey and her sheeples about this. THEN VENGEANCE WILL BE HAD! ... you know what nevermind I'm good.

Oh, and Dolphinz2123... Just so you know, I'm brunette, my hair's wavy, and it is not down to my lower back held in place by a headband.
Thank you.