My life just fell apart.

My mom and dad just told us that they want a divorce. This is going to ruin all my plans for the future - first of all, next year, I'll be working as a "new anchor" on my school's morning announcements that are broadcast live on public broadcast channels. In fact, it's even going to change where I go to college now.

I honestly don't know what I should do. Any advice? Thanks.


Feelin' bored

Ya, so I just feel the need to post something, but I may as well make it worthwhile. Anyhoo, a new edited piccie for you, hope you like!


Stillllll sick

Same stuff minus the fever (so at least I'm getting better!) but I saw the doctor today. It's strep. Ah well, good news is I missed exactly half of the school week!



I'm home from school ill w/ a fever and sore sore throat... ugh.


Jarsie Jarsie Jarsie.

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Auto post!

Ya, so I auto posted this story... hope ya like it!

Stupid EA Party Poopers!

Right, so I start the topic for my 3000 post party that gets moved over here. It was a good thing I did, 'cuz guess who locked after only ONE REPLY?

I must remember never to post OT at night - that is when the mods are ban-happy in America.



I've heard of footprints, but I've never heard of feetprints until now... Am it a word? Someone tell my mom if it is!


Woot! 3000 posts on the official forum!

32 cans of soda on the wall, 32 cans...

Well more like 32 posties. Ya see, I'm 32 away from 3000! Feels like just yesterday I was at 1000... oh wait it practically was. How stupid of meh.


Guess who made it onto MS3B?


And look a piccie for proof-
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Back from the trip.

I'm baaaaack! So anyway, two blog-worthy moments.

1. O RLY? I was in the car, and as we drove away, my dad is all, "So why did you want to bring the computer?" "To blog." I replied. "We haven't blogged in 2 years." my dad said. I left it at that, thinking, What else don't you know? My age?

2. OMG WOW! My sister and I were hiking the trail singing a campfire song to pass time. Suddenly, we stepped in 3-inch-deep mud. There go our shoes. She starts going, "Eep! Eep! Eep!" Then she begins bawling, and my dad's all "No crying, Bethany!" (yes, that is her name.) She says, "Will I have to hop on my good foot!?!?" My dad then gives us a lecture on why we should watch where we go. I start rattling off appropraite Penguins of Madagascar (later on will be refered to as PoM) quotes. Yanno how some people can say quotes from any show no matter what the circumstance? Yeah. And then, I suddenly realized - I'd been recording this entire thing! Once I figure out how to import videos off cell phones, I'll post it.


Heading out to a canyon, be back later.


Teh Firestar banished!

Two posts in and Firestar is BANISHED. (pronounced - ban-II-shed) Why? For posting about her blog. Now I fear for my life. EEP!

A true welcome

Hello I'm back. So anyways, I'm a really great and fun person when you get to know me. This blog will focus on a bunch of things - it'll be a diary, a creative outlet, and a place where I can share sim stuffs.

So to everyone, welcome!


I'd make my first post longer 'cept my sister is counting down the seconds she doesn't have the pc.