Bathtime is a great time to think.

And invent the stupidest, most absurd song in the world.

(There's a hammer in my butt
There's a hammer in my butt
Hammer in my butt
Yeah, a hammer in my butt)(x2)

Hey hey girl, I appear to be stuck
I'm sorry about this, I really like ducks
That line was totally out of context
And now I'm sure you're completely vexed
Hey hey babe, this is just a glitch
Hopefully soon it gets fixed
But not by EA, three guesses why
And just so you know, I believe I can fly!


Hahaha, don't ask.





On the subject of real life...

Many of my friends on various forums were chatting about this new game called Real Life. They'd talk about it all the time, like "I need to get a Life"If everyone's supposed to get one, I figured, hey, why be left out?

So I headed down to the local gaming store and asked for a copy of Real Life. They said it can be very challenging and some people play it wrong which ends up ruining them, so they simply gave me the trial version and told me to go nuts.

I threw the game away a week later, disappointed. While the graphics were amazing, there was only one land to explore, all the characters were pretty much the same (either preppy teens or overprotective parents) and it was loaded with extra work (this homework stuff takes forever to complete, and the reward is only satisfying after two months!) Plus, all the power-ups and extra features are terribly overpriced. i'm not paying that much for a shirt, no matter how cute it is!

However, people kept raving about Real Life, saying there are millions of lands to explore, and you can create your own future and become your own person. They said the game's an free-play, "sandbox mode" game, which I love. And the screenshots they provided me blew my mind. I had to have this.

Once again, I headed down to the game store, and begged them to let me buy the full copy of Real Life. I was denied this privilege, however, as apparently you have to out of high school to own a full copy of Real Life. I find this confusing and rude to minors, but they informed me of things in the game, things nobody should ever have to know of.

Horrible things.

So, I'll just have to wait out, oh, five more years to buy my copy of Real Life. But I've been told it's worth the wait, and every day I get closer!