Well, it's official.

Yesterday was the last day of sheer torture school and I just hope that the next year goes by as fast as this one. For obvious reasons.

Good news is I'll be spending more time with my simmies. I'm starting something called "The Simself Diaries" and I may post updates here... I'm not sure if it's a dud or not, but I built my simmies the best house I've ever done so I'm pretty pleased.

My random thought of the day - What would you do-oo-oo, for a Klondike Bar?



Two days left.

So I have two days of school left, and let me tell you, I am PSYCHED for it to be out!

Unfortunately, this is pretty much the entire schedule of the week.

Monday -

Go to school
Listen to FAQ about high school applications
Have pool party (which turned out to be a pool/basketball/volleyball party)
Go back to school
Watch Spongebob (oh the hatred.)

Tuesday -

Go to school
Watch movie
Watch (yes, WATCH) a field day
Watch movie

Wednesday -

Watch movie



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Just added on Mare's. *smustles, 'cuz I'm rawrsome like that*


Well, I've been gone a while.

Wow, I've been gone for a while. Tons of news.

1. My parents are NOT splitting now. They are so indecisive...
2. DC trip was epic. I'll post piccies soon.
3. VIDKID! I miss you! Maybe you saw the siggie I made!
4. Hey Mares!
5. I joined the Penguin HQ forum. (Yes, those penguins again. I am such a baby, I admit it.) AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH MORE THAN EA FORUMS. I'm not leaving my simmers, but listen - No weird filters, people of every age and race, friendly mods THAT PARTICIPATE IN OT CHATS WITH US! Check out this thread-


My life is so random...