One more post because I don't feel like editing

"I'm freaking out because I may not pass my math class"

Crisis averted.
I got a 90 on the finals.


That plan worked well

I love how when I try to revive a blog, I get grounded.

And it's not like I snuck out of the house and got drunk or tried to run away with my boyfriend who's been arrested multiple times, nothing like that- I got grounded because I ate candy which belonged to my mom.


And since I don't even feel sorry about it (I ate candy, she did not, therefore I gained something) she's insisting that I can't eat anything else sugary until I give her a genuine apology.

You guys, this is serious.
I'm never eating candy again.


I can't think of anything to write here

but I made an effort to post. That's good, right? I made an actual effort.

(this is the part where I violently sling millions of videos at you in an attempt to advertise.)

Oh! Right. Right right right. I make fanvids. And I would very much like it if you could watch some of mine. Very very very much. That's a lot of very's. I hope I have sufficiently expressed my desire for you to view my videos and then give some feedback.

Also: apparently, I dabble in fandubbing.

Your regularly scheduled, advertisement-free blog may now continue.


Well, hello

It's been how long, six months since my last update? Yeah, "I'll try to update more" my left pinky toe. Anyway, wanna hear more about what's happened in my life? Sure you do. Let's begin with July.

Uh, my dad deployed to Saudi Arabia for a year.

And that's basically July in a nutshell, other than what I posted two posts down. In August, my mom decided to do something stupid and get us a puppy- a Border Collie puppy, to be exact. Puppies are hard enough work as it is, ditto for Border Collies. Combine the two and you have an unstoppable energy machine that will chew most violently on everything within eyesight. It's an adorable unstoppable energy machine, though, and a fluffy one at that, so we love her anyway.

Also, I am now officially a high schooler. Holy crap. I made my first post on my first forum (TS3- that's the Sims 3, not Toy Story 3, I've had to distinguish the two before and it was painful) the summer after my 6th grade year. I was 11. I was freakin' 11. Holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap.

I think I passed my first semester, provided that I passed my Algeblah final. You'd think that because I made the highest score on my Biology final out of ALL THREE OF MY TEACHER'S CLASSES (brb squealing forever) I'd ace this one, but I barely managed to squeeze out an 80 average, and the final is 20% of my grade. If I don't pass the class with a B, my mother will viciously assault me. Perhaps with a crowbar. Or a megaphone. Or both.


ALSO. I've fallen into a new fandom- does anyone read Lackadaisy? It's a web comic about anthropomorphic cats in the 1920's trying to keep a speakeasy running after the death of the founder and his widow takes over but can't quite make ends meet anymore with competition from their former affiliates and- gaaaah. Just read it. Read it and fall in love. Also, it's got amazing art. Just throwing that out there. =D

tl;dr Love you guys, gonna try to post more, key word being "try."