Idiots idiots everywhere

Not from the same member, this time the idioticy is from a too-dumb-to-live, apparent 20-year-old named "Jiggles." This is the most recent of just one more of her epic fails:

Jiggles: https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=a9a04c4ae0&view=att&th=12fd71d986cf3620&attid=0.1&disp=inline&zw


Don't bother clicking the links, they're useless...

Me: You realize that those are from your mail account and we can't view it, right?
Mod1: What were you trying to do?
Jiggles: I sent them to my sister's cell phone from my camera phone.
Me: One, that doesn't answer anything, and two, regardless of what you did, we can't see them. You log out of your mail account, then see if you can view them.
Jiggles: I just logged off of igoogle.com and they still show. And please try to stay on topic.

Remember how I'm a moderator on this forum? So she comes along and begins mini-modding me, and I'm not a fan of whatever inferiors I have thinking they're better than me.

Me: Real quick, who is the moderator here? Not you. Please don't mini-mod. And how do you expect us to stay on topic if we don't know what the topic is supposed to be? Your latest entry has us completely confused.
Mod2: I busted out laughing so hard, guys. No really I'm not sure where to even start here. Jiggles, those links don't work for anyone. Anyone. Except you. And then you provided us with absolutely no explanation. Get this through your head. And don't try to reprimand a moderator who is doing her job and doing it well.
Mod1: If you could kindly tell us what is in those links you posted, we will let it go. You're being really vague, and that's something I don't like.
Admin: ...What? xD
That's not how linking pictures works, if that's what you were trying to link. Also, don't mini-mod a moderator. What is this thread for again? *checks* Ah, for what kind of penguin the PoM penguins are. Well, since it's already been answered (they aren't a real breed) this thread really has no point in staying open. Feel free to lock this up when you guys figure out what the heck is going on.
Mod2: I don't want this locked until we get answers...
Mod1: And no one's gonna lock it until Jiggles replies.
Me: Five bucks says she'll never come back to this thread.

Needless to say, she didn't.


Well. Um. Okay.

Thanks to the lovely Mares, I was alerted of the following:
Someone didn't do their research...

But seriously guys, am I really that popular? I've only gotten about 3.5K posts, way less than some of my friends (or otherwise known members, hello Couriervaughn) online, and my blog only has a few followers. I haven't posted on the forum for nearly five months now, and yet I've got a troll willing to pretend to be me.

Wow, I feel special. In an odd, terrified, strangely intriguing way.

I should go tell the buck-toothed donkey and her sheeples about this. THEN VENGEANCE WILL BE HAD! ... you know what nevermind I'm good.

Oh, and Dolphinz2123... Just so you know, I'm brunette, my hair's wavy, and it is not down to my lower back held in place by a headband.
Thank you.



my legacy so far

My sims 2 legacy update:

1) Makes founder
2) Has kids with man like *snap* that
3) Man tries to marry while pregnant
4) Woman accepts ring, refuses marriage
5) Relationship goes down
6) Man moves out, babies grow into children
7) Man meets with her again
8) They almsot get relationship back up again
9) Marriage proposal denied again
10) Girl gets mad and goes out to downtown
11) Girl turns into vampire
12) Dolphinz tried using testingcheatsenabled to cure vampirism
13) Girl turns into a scarier vampire (ya rly. it was allll in the image at the bottom.)
14) Dolphinz is contemplating aging children up to adults and shtuff.
15) Dolphinz must know what you think.


my sims are installing

I've never been so proud (*w*)


T-minus <+/- 2h until Sims~



you know if my evil plan goes planningly according to plan.