Well. Um. Okay.

Thanks to the lovely Mares, I was alerted of the following:
Someone didn't do their research...

But seriously guys, am I really that popular? I've only gotten about 3.5K posts, way less than some of my friends (or otherwise known members, hello Couriervaughn) online, and my blog only has a few followers. I haven't posted on the forum for nearly five months now, and yet I've got a troll willing to pretend to be me.

Wow, I feel special. In an odd, terrified, strangely intriguing way.

I should go tell the buck-toothed donkey and her sheeples about this. THEN VENGEANCE WILL BE HAD! ... you know what nevermind I'm good.

Oh, and Dolphinz2123... Just so you know, I'm brunette, my hair's wavy, and it is not down to my lower back held in place by a headband.
Thank you.


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