Well, I've been gone a while.

Wow, I've been gone for a while. Tons of news.

1. My parents are NOT splitting now. They are so indecisive...
2. DC trip was epic. I'll post piccies soon.
3. VIDKID! I miss you! Maybe you saw the siggie I made!
4. Hey Mares!
5. I joined the Penguin HQ forum. (Yes, those penguins again. I am such a baby, I admit it.) AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH MORE THAN EA FORUMS. I'm not leaving my simmers, but listen - No weird filters, people of every age and race, friendly mods THAT PARTICIPATE IN OT CHATS WITH US! Check out this thread-


My life is so random...

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  1. oh im so happy ur parents changed their minds and glad u had fun on the DC trip. ^_^ thanks again for the siggie.


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