Been a long time, hasn't it?

So I've been a little too busy lazy to update for a while. There are so many things I'm excited about - and upset about too.

I have put it out there I'm a member of a military family, right? Well there, I just did that again for you. We've lived in the same place for nine years, a sizable amount for ANY military family. My dad's thinking of retiring next year, so big move may come up very soon.

High school plannage. There's this one I want to get into so-very-incredibly bad. It's a private school, though, and it costs 12K. PER YEAR. AVERAGE. So the only way I could get it is a scholarship. And it can be done (as proved last year) but only with extreme dedication. Should I go for it or simply fallback on my backup school?

College. Not for me, but my parents. Both of them have had half-finished college degrees, and they're strongly considering going back. Only issue is, neither of them know what they want. So you can decide. "...No." I'll give you a cookeh. "...Fine..."

My sister's thinking she's eighteen, not eight like she is. Have you SEEN some of the poses she'll strike randomly and things she'll say to prove her point? Oh wait, no you can't, unless you're a stalker.

Finally, my recent diagnosis with ADHD has made my family start going crazy over what to do about my life. Medications, special education plans... I'm the same person NOW than I was TWO WEEKS AGO, 'k? An official diagnosis doesn't change who I am.

Oh yeah, and I'm finding the Sims forums quite boring. If I ever became a mod, I'd ban the Gurus. Oh who am I kidding, they'd ban me while they were banned.



  1. Anonymous14.7.10

    Hi Dolphinz - glad you posted. We thought you'd given up on your blog.

    (BTW, that post from 'Mares' in your chatbox - just to let you know that wasn't us. We don't post in those things - ever)

    Re ADHD, controversial subject, especially over here in the UK. Best thing to remember is that you know your body better than anyone else - after all, you're the one that's living in it. Over here the so-called 'Southampton Six' are banned from all foods as they're linked with making ADHD worse - much to North American food manufacturers' annoyance.

    Private school? If you can get the scholarship for it, go for it. You'll spend the rest of your life hugging yourself that you did.

  2. Anonymous6.8.10

    I have ADHD and its really not that big of a deal, its not really a problem or anything, you just have to work threw it yourself. Sure meds will help but nobody can even tell i have it, other than the fact im really random and very energetic, but thats just me.. :) i hope you love having it :)


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