Dolphinz's List Of The Epicest Words EVAR

10. PANDAS. They're cute, right?
9. MMMMMMMMMMM. The sound you make when you eat waffles.
8. OOHEMGEE. Well, when you string it together like that...
7. ANTIQUATED. One of the only words I know with a Q in the middle, and it's just fun to say.
6. WEIRDO. Fun to say and be!
5. KONICHIWA. It's Japanese. Who doesn't love it? (Idiots.)
4. SIMMY. You use it to say something is very sim-like. (My sister's attitude is very simmy.)
3. AWESOMESAUCE. 'Nuff said.
2. EGREGIOUS. I don't honestly know why I like this, I just do.
1. EPIC. Because it's just epic.

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