My sudden absence EXPLAINED

Alright, so you know these phases that all people go through? Certain obsessions that people grow out of? The Sims 3 forum was one of them. Don't get me wrong,Ii loved chatting and all, but once my game fried the computer's hard drive and I couldn't play it without a bazillion crashes (I mean the game would crash my whole computer) my love for the forum weaned. Sure, it was cool seeing the cool modeling pictures, or the rants and leaving-forever-goodbyes... excuse me, kindly reviews for the new patches, but me knowing that I couldn't be able to play that kinda set a damper on my mood. And once summer ended, I disappeared- but contrary to belief, it really wasn't school that made me leave. If anything, school just made me more bored. There was a variety of reasons:

1) My parents' on/off relationship (they almost divorced AGAIN)
2) My cat dying of cancer in March
3) Her brother going blind and needing round-the-clock care
4) Being grounded for "not applying myself in school" (it should be known I'm an honor student ._.)
5) And finally, my personality changing. I'm going to discuss this more in the next paragraph:

So everyone knew me as the quiet, shy, silly but nice peacemaker there. (not pacemaker, I didn't prevent heart attacks. I'm a teenager, not a doctor.) And while I still try my hardest to stay polite, I can be loud and often rude with my points. I'm incredibly sarcastic now, and I feel it wouldn't be tolerated well on the boards.

"But dolphinz, didn't you come back around the new year?" Yeah, but that was during winter break, when I was incredibly bored. The forum was a way to ease my boredom. Once school started back up, my activity died down. That does make sense, right?

And for you nutcases who didn't notice, I've got a new layout. I'm picky. LOVE ME.

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  1. Hey!!! Missed you. Totally understand. Everyone needs a break and you had a lot going it seems. I hope things get better for you.


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