A few examples of why people, as a whole, suck lollipops.

1) I had a brush, some people took it and stuck it in the toilet.
2) Some people *glares at buck-toothed donkey girl* like holding my every slip-up against me.
3) I buy a bracelet, it falls off my wrist, and when I find it three minutes later, somebody has cut it up.
4) I buy two rubber ducks with cool amazing seizure-inducing lights in them, and my sister takes then to school and brings them back deflated and the lights broken.
5) I say something, and then not five feet away from them can hear the girls laughing about how I said that. Loser girl has ears, yanno.
6) While talking to someone, you hear them say under their breath, "Please shut up now..."

Okay, so hate is when you apparently want to inflict pain on people, you wish them badly. Oh, I don't wish them badly. No, all I wish for is for them to get on a huge bus driving off on Mount Everest into the Marinas Trench with the entire zone being riddled with mines. It would be all over in a second... *mwhahahahahahahahah- cough coughity*

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  1. Hi, I saw this post on The Mare's Nest, I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do in commenting but your post here really touched my heart.

    I will fully admit to not knowing anything about you and this is the first time I have seen your blog (beyond the screen shots in The Mare's Nest). So forgive me if I'm making a social faux pas. I've read your ten facts.

    I am a Simmer, just so you don't think I'm some random creepy person. Like I said before, your post touched my heart. I am gathering that you are young, still in school. I wanted to let you know, as an adult who had to deal with being "the loser girl" or the "weird girl" that it does get better. Things may seem really bad or really crappy right now, but I promise you...it doesn't last forever.

    I learned, and this is the truth, that most people who are mean and rude and horrible to others are just jealous and insecure. It may seem like you're the "loser" but you're not. I promise you, you are not a loser. The people who make you feel bad about yourself are the losers.

    I also have ADHD so I understand how that can be sometimes. Like I said before, I PROMISE you, you are not a loser. You cannot let the people who are mean have control over you. By letting their meanness affect you, you are giving them power. They don't deserve that power.

    Keep your chin up. Thirteen is a hard age, but you have a bright future ahead of you and all of this sadness or anger or lack of confidence that you are feeling now will seem like a blip on the radar in a few years. Just remember to not let it get to you, and to hold your head up high. Be proud in who you are, there isn't another person in the world like you.


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