On one of my other forums last night (you know ones that aren't completely cruddy) this conversation, around 5, this post appeared:

Her: OMG he's being sexy xD Movie Rico is a little hawt xD

Now, this particular person has a track record in fangirling over these particular cartoon penguis and doing some particular things to them, and trust me, you don't want to know. We mods (did I mention I'm a mod on that forum? Well, I am. I feel so proud :D) got on her case, saying "we told u no do dis." And then, in the "What Makes You Mad" forum, she posts this, a thinly-veiled show of her annoyance:

Her: Ugh, I hate it when people get on my back or tell me what to do or what not to do. Or people who don't tell me straight away.

So we kindly but firmly tell her how she's gone wrong (yet again):

Me: We don't want to have to tell you what not to do, but some things you do cross the line. Like, a lot. We have to have some rules in order here, otherwise the place would be crawling with trolls and really icky discussions. And we do try to tell you things as clearly as possible, sometimes we tell you these things many, many times.
Mod1: You'll be told what to do and what not to do all through your life, that's how it goes and how work gets done. Us mods tell everyone what they're allowed to do here, it's to keep this place orderly and neat and clean.

And let's watch the whole unfold:

Her: No sh*t. I just hate it when everyone sorta gets on my back like I've commited a crime.
Mod1: *cough*Breakingtherulesisacrimetechnically*Cough. Sorry, something stuck in my throat.
Her: Blah blah blah. Sure, I'm supoosed to follow rules here, I just never really read them.
Admin: *facepalm* Then read the rules. That post of yours right there just tells me I might as well go ahead and give you a temp-ban. :/
Her: Can we end this? Because I'm really mad now. I'm sure everyone hates me here because I'm such a jerk. D:
Me: Nobody hates you, you just have to follow the rules. You know, this forum is incredibly lenient, on any other forum you'd probably be perma-banned if you keep up your behavior.
Mod3: Oh my god. Okay, ban her. Temp ban her. Do anything. That is a massive amount of stupid right there. You are not exempt from the rules and you dang well better learn that. Insinuating that you're exempt from the rules pretty much DOES make you a jerk, and I'm not even going to argue it. I don't think anyone here HATES you but you DARN WELL are not earning any fans from the way you act. I'm tired of trying to reason with a brat.
Her: And you always get on my back about everything.
*runs away crying because of what [username] has done on the forum*
Me: Alex, can I have "completely missing the point" for 200, please?
Mod1: Alright "Missing the point" For 200. "A whiny, penguin-loving, hormonal girl"
Me: What is "Lady Gaga?"
Mod1: Ooh, that is incorrect. Minus over 9000 points.
Admin: Gave her a temp ban of three days. She needs to learn how to stop overreacting, and learn how to follow/read the rules and learn how to apologize. :/

And that's not even the end of it. A few hours later, this post appears in the rule thread:

New member: Just read the rules. I am going to try and be more careful here now. Please let [username] get unbanned. PLEASE.
Mod3: ITBEGINS.jpg
Mod1: If she read the rules, she would have known that creating multiple accounts is against them.

So yeah. That's the most drama we've had all month, though. She only got a 72-hour temp ban, though.

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