um okay then.

I took a look at some of my blog stats, and they're... um... interesting?

What you see are the keywords that people have used to get to my blog. Some of them are kinda obvious, but it gets weirder as the list goes down. "Language you speak..." That's in the little introductory tagline thingamabob ("Whatever language you speak, I'm trying to say hi") but it seems like an awfully weird thing to be directed to- four times. And then there's jarsie9 and ruthless_kk, both of whom I have blogged about but only in one post. We've got 100percentdolphinzz (I admit to making that mistake last night, stupid typos >_<). Closing the thing off is... a bunch of question marks in squares? Huh?

And there are the countries people come from. Most of them are pretty common (US, UK, AU, Canada, etc.) but some are kind of weird. 83 hits from South Korea? 24 people from Luxembourg? Where the heck is Luxembourg?!

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